Are you suffering from a “Stubborn” non-healing wound?

Is your wound more than 4 weeks?

Are you going through treatment and yet the wound not healing?

Have you been told there is a chance for amputation?

Suffering from non-healing wound (“Difficult Wound”) in legs, foot, Pressure Sore??!!

You need a consultation with our Wound Healing Experts.

A 2nd Opinion would assure your wound heal.

  Diabetic Foot Ulcers
If you have Diabetic, then we advise you to look at your foot every day. If you see any dry skin, small cracks or wound then Don't wait. You need medical advice. A very good one!
Majority of people gone through amputation, they say, it was all started a little wound in my foot!
   Stasis Leg Ulcers
Varicose Veins are very common, one out of two over 50 years old, whether they are visible or not. If you have swelling of ankle twards end of day, discoloration of skin then you may have a chance for varicose veins. Eventually discoloration ends up becoming a wound which would be very hard to heal. Dont Wait Long!
Post Surgical Wounds
Most people after surgery would have surgical wound heal in matter of two weeks. In few, it may starts to cause pain, discomfort, draining, and redness. If you see any of these symptoms then you may have problem in healing. Talk to your docotor before it gets worse.
   Pressure Sores
If for any reason one part of skin is under pressure then circulation is impaired and cause damage to that area. It may start as pain or redness but may get worse if the pressure is not removed. People with paralysis are at higher risks but it can happen to anyone if the circulation to skin disturbed by constant pressure. Seek Medical Advice if you see any redness or painful area which is not explained.
  Other Wounds
There are some other others develop wounds as a result of circulation problem, Lupus, Psoriasis and trauma. As a general rule, if the wound is not getting better in matter of days, starts to cause discomfort, pain, redness, drainage, or fever then you need evaluation by a Healthcare professional.

If a wound is not healing while following provider's recommendations then you need contact Wound Healing Experts.

You can request for consult anytime, from anywhere.

Amputation Prevention

Our Mission: Preserve the Limb.

Have you been told that you are at risk for limb amputation?

According the data, Approximately 185,000 amputations occur in the United States each year. it means around 500 patients a day go through amputation of the leg on each day. Among those living with limb loss, the main causes are vascular disease (54%) – including Diabetes and Peripheral Arterial Disease – trauma (45%) and cancer (less than 2%).

The hospital costs associated with amputation totaled more than $8.3 billion. The person with history of amputation would end of having further complications. Disability, infections, lack of ability to have normal life, depression, and further complications and per data the mortality within 5 years in this group is much higher than the patients with breast cancer and colon cancer.

If you have a wound in leg which is not healing, Do Not Wait any longer.

How to prevent Amputation:

  • Diabetes
  • Wound
  • Evaluation
  • WHE Referral


Obtain a handout on proper foot care from your Doctor
DO Daily evaluation of foot for any skin breakdown, callous formation or wound.

VISIT Your Doctor:

Any Cracks in skin, Bleeding, Discharge, irritation or Wound.

Your Doctor:

Doctor will evaluate you for neuropathy, Circulatory problem, infection.
And the porper instructions for initial care, and Dressing.

And: A referral to A Wound Healing Expert.

A Multidisciplinary team including your primary care physician will work together to heal the wound and prevent unwanted complications, Amputation.
We Are Aquiring Telehealth Video  Platform for  Wound consultations.
Now, if you prefer, You can perform our consultations in Real Time consultation

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