Wound Healing Experts,as an online telehealth platform, provide Consultations and 2nd opinion.  We have created protocols for our services so that we can offer services to patients, referring providers, clinics, healthcare facilities and direct contracting with health plans

Our services are beneficial to wound clinic with complex non-healing wounds.
Hospitals may take advantage of our services to improve quality patient care, and faciliate discharge planning and improve utilization management.

Nursing Homes and Reabilitation Units. Nursing Homes inherit numerous number of patients with wounds. Many occasions they stay much beyond anticipated time because their wound not healing!

Health plans would benefit out of our services as it would improve quality care of members and additionally save on resources and money.

Wound Halthing Experts provide their expertise and knowledge through Robust Telehealth Platform. Anytime anywhere patients can submit a consultation request and our patient liaisons will guide them through the very simple process.                  Submit a Request

Referring Physicians
Wound Healing Experts accepts referrals for wound care consultation and second opinion. In fact when patient takes the lead and requests for consultation, we would encourage involvement of their physician. Our cosultation and 2nd opinion will work as aguidance for the patient and their doctor.
We consider ourselves as a partner in helping out the patients suffering from non-healing wounds.

Wound Care Clinics
Our experts have been working and still working at the most reputable and academic wound care center.  Through 2nd Opinion and wound Consultation we can share and discuss opinions and best route to take to help the patient suffering from non-healing wound. A team work though virtual would help the patients the most and improve patients outcome at your hospital and wound Clinic.

Hospitals, in particular, would benefit from consultation and 2nd opinion on their wound patients. A consultation may potentially facilitate earlier discharge planning and helping patients and avoid long stay in hospital or nursing home. And hospital would optimize hospital resource utilizations.

One consultation saves patient from long suffering and reduce length of stay in hospital. We have proven major benefits in doing consultation on hospitalized patients and reducing 1-7 days  stay.

Nursing Homes and Rehabilitation Units
Nursing homes have patients with chronic wounds and have finacial burden as well as quality care issues. We surely can help them and direct them to proper wound healing program.

Health Plans
Wound Healing Experts bringing telehealth to patients with non-healing wounds. It is a pioneer in this field. There are numerous members in urban or rural areas suffering from non-healing wounds and they dont have access to qualified academic wound healing experts.
We have launched this very unique platform for those patients needing a cure. Sometimes patients going to a wound center and still a 2nd opinion could help to straigthen the direction of care and help to heal the wounds. Only one consultation or 2nd opinion can makes huge difference.

Beyond U.S.A.
Wound Healing Experts offer the expertise and knowledge to oversease and outside U.S.A. We have communications with Brazil and a couple conteries in Asia. We beleive our services would help them in great deal.  Contact us