How can I take photographs of the wound?
Once you request a consult then you would receive a response and detailed instructions how to provide medical records and also take a photo of the wound(s).
In brief, as a general rule, we would like to have one picture taken by a camera, exactly above around 12″ away from the wound. Room light would be preferred than direct sun exposure or flash light.

What if my wound need in-office visits and procedures?
Overall, this is a telemedicine platform and therefore we perform our consultaion through this platform and communications. Meanwhile we would initiate a communication with your physician, if we are given permission, therefore with our guidance your provider may work on the proposed healing program.
We had had great collaboration with primary care or specialists involved in care of patients with wound. Our guidance as a 2nd opinion and consultation would assure proper treatment plan is developed and pursued.

Is the services and prescriptions covered by my insurance?
We shall provide a statement for the services offered and you may submit it to your health plan. There is no garantee. At this time most insurance companies do not cover telehealth coverage.

Why is the price set for $120.00?
This is a visionary efforts put in to reach out those patients suffering from troubling non-healing wounds for weeks, months or even years and they dont heal. The costs for this technology and administrative work, in fact, would be more that this fee. We are hoping by getting contracts with healtcare organizations and health plans we could expand our services and meet the overhead costs.

Am I able to have follow up with you?
We work on one consultation and provide you with a full report. In case you decide to initiate another request for consultation then you may do so. The fee is for one review and consultation.

Is my personal health information kept confidential?
Your health records are available to you and securely maintained in compliance with HIPAA rules. It would be similar to office records. You also may access the messages and communicate with us online securely as well.
To address HIPPA compliancy, we comply the following measures:
Every page of the web-based application uses High-grade Encryption (AES-256, 256 bit keys) to ensure privacy of patient and physician personal information (Medical history, photos, patient symptom-related answers, dermatologist diagnosis, treatment plan, contact information)
Patient information (medical history, and contact information) is disclosed to and viewed by only the referring and providing physicians. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, “the Privacy Rule is balanced so that it permits the disclosure of personal health information needed for patient care and other important purposes.”

How do I pay for the service?
Once we receive your request for consultation then through email you will get instructions how to prepare medical information as well as how to pay. We accept Paypal and credit cards.

Is hyperbaric medicine safe? Do I need Hyperbaric for my wounds?
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is an evidence-based treatment proven to speed the healing process in certain types of wounds.
In fact, many patients find it relaxing through some find it uncomfortable! There are precautions need to follw if you go through it. Before all, you need to have evaluation on your wound done and if found a necessary treatment as part of the protocol for you then you need to have an evaluation for HBOT done and go trough a physicial, a CXR and sometimes an EKG may be necessary too.

How do I submit my request for consultation?
Please use the  contact form  and submit basic information to us. We will request all necessary medical information and once we have those then schedule consultation, phone, emailing or video conference.