Mission Statement

Our mission is to reach out the patients suffering from chronic non-healing wounds and to provide them the highest quality Wound Care Services and Expertise, within large cities or rural areas, anywhere, anytime.


WouldHealingExperts.com was founded by Dr. Ray (R Bayati, MD, FAPWCA).  He is a board certified practicing physician as Wound Healing Expert. Throughout the years of his practice, he has observed the need for qualified and experienced wound care providers. There are various approaches to wound care and ultimately the academic wound management has been proven to be successful to help those patients suffering from non-healing wounds.
It is a frustrating for the patient to have a non-healing wound and disabling too. For the providers, it can be extremely challenging to heal this kind of wounds. Therefore we established a Telehealth service focusing on the patients with non-healing wounds. We believe any wound has its challenges and once go through academic treatment protocol then we should see healing occur.
There are millions of patients with non-healing wounds. Very few may have access to Expertise in Academic Wound Healing environment.  WoundHealingExperts.com is his way of reaching out to make the biggest difference possible and together with a network of experts and the power of the Internet; this dream has become a reality. Our Wound Healing Experts who are all qualified and certified physicians can offer a customized wound care program for your non-healing wounds.
We now can offer advanced diagnostic techniques, specialized dressings and more sophisticated treatment plans in each one of the cases suitable for that condition.
We will work with your physician, referring doctors or your wound care provider and will coordinate the wound care program and therefore assure progress in healing and cure for you.

Amputation Prevention Task:

Our team has put extensive efforts on limb saving program. This program is created to help out patients who are at risk of amputation. We provide consultation and 2nd opinion to those patients at risks. We have done it. One consultation may save a limb. Consult with Wound Healing Experts.

A Message From Chief Medical Officer:

Over the years, we have evaluated and treated patients with non-healing wounds throughout northern California. Having treated thousands of patients over last decade, and getting referral from distant area, northern Nevada, Stockton, Yuba City and surrounding areas, we looked into options of reaching out those patients beyond the northern California. Now we have www.WoundHealingExperts.com as a Telehealth Platform to reach out those patients anywhere, rural or urban areas.  We would offer them academic wound healing program which is proven wound care program to help and heal those called “non-healing” or “stubborn” wounds.

Dr. Ray, FAPWCA (Fellow of American Professionals Wound care Association)